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[12:00am] airsoft121 : guys i just got a account and havent made my first trade whats a good one
[12:00am] whirl : good weekend all, hope BLDV and ETBI go
[12:00am] i_like_bb_stock : NVIC looks like it wants 04s soon solid buying volume
[12:00am] Imagine : good weekend y`all
[12:00am] i_like_bb_stock : FILM some good buying @ 4 coming in here
[12:00am] i_like_bb_stock : AMLH back to HOD penny seems very possible now before the close wow
[12:00am] Imagine : 98 up
[12:00am] i_like_bb_stock : CHZP should see nice buying here into the close
[12:00am] Imagine : 0197
[12:00am] Imagine : fill those gaps,,,letz boogie
[12:00am] Imagine : 0195 yes sir
[12:00am] Imagine : ETBI lol
[12:00am] i_like_bb_stock : NVIC wow 037 nHOD bout to test 038 prior high here
[12:00am] i_like_bb_stock : CHZP added 43
[12:00am] i_like_bb_stock : AMLH wow new highs may see a penny today
[12:00am] Imagine : later
[12:00am] Imagine : ETBI sassy biatch
[12:00am] Grizzly : Lol take care all Im out
[12:00am] Imagine : as seenon tv lmao
[12:00am] Grizzly : I am mountain folk ??? My kinda peoples
[12:00am] Imagine : mountain folks yikes!
[12:00am] Imagine : get in get the hell out
[12:00am] Grizzly : baaaaa effin I showem the bullets first
[12:00am] Imagine : there
[12:00am] Imagine : that x-country trip be careful there`s some scary areas out thee
[12:00am] Grizzly : you have to to have your ass go numb all day
[12:00am] Grizzly : Oh I love it.. :b
[12:00am] smoots : Later Griz
[12:00am] Imagine : itz in your blood you`ll be back more than you think
[12:00am] Grizzly : HAppy trading good luck to all gonna hold this WMGIZ see what happens peace everyone ... if I could post from phone I would pop in more
[12:00am] whirl : great job Grizzly and have a wonderful time
[12:00am] Optimus Prime : ^^^^ ;)
[12:00am] Grizzly : Always go behind the garagfe and FIRE IT UP
[12:00am] Grizzly : Wont be on much again for a while.. Got couple jobs to do then gettin ready for cross country trip but I think I will have time to trade here and there .. Thanks agin to everyone who has helped its been a real struggle for me But Im finally consitent
[12:00am] Imagine : ETBI is it gonna beat high of coupla days ago
[12:00am] Optimus Prime : but before you do --- go out back behind the garage and ___________ !
[12:00am] Optimus Prime : in the green ? does that mean ur gonna go do the lawn ?
[12:00am] Imagine : great man
[12:00am] Imagine : njoy weekend
[12:00am] Grizzly : Gonna end the week in the green ..
[12:00am] Grizzly : Alright peeps well thats a wrap for me
[12:00am] Grizzly : Gettin out RAD here till next dip
[12:00am] Grizzly : Some phat buys right at the hod on RAD
[12:00am] Grizzly : not really Chart told we what to do it said sell
[12:00am] Grizzly : dam man I messed that play up
[12:00am] Grizzly : HRB some more
[12:00am] Grizzly : Just playin the momo on RAD not waitin for no deals
[12:00am] Grizzly : come on RAD give me nhod
[12:00am] Imagine : gonna be wild with both havin stores on opposite corners
[12:00am] Imagine : that deal been cooking long time never finalized
[12:00am] Grizzly : I guess possible 6.50 $ deal per share
[12:00am] Imagine : ETBI told ya over n over,,,,,weeeeeeeeeeee pay me
[12:00am] Grizzly : HRB nhod
[12:00am] Grizzly : RAD possible merger with wal greens ont he boards
[12:00am] Imagine : worth a watch
[12:00am] Imagine : MCIG RXII still halted
[12:00am] Grizzly : Grabbed some 3.98 myself
[12:00am] Imagine : boom
[12:00am] Grizzly : RAD nice volume surge
[12:00am] Imagine : spellin
[12:00am] Imagine : hod being assulted
[12:00am] Imagine : lil run in effect
[12:00am] Imagine : was halted earlier
[12:00am] Optimus Prime : BCEI news out
[12:00am] Grizzly : wow I just sold 1.64 and we at 1.57 already
[12:00am] Blackjack : SHMN .0002 Keep @/@ on SHMN
[12:00am] Grizzly : out mtbc losing action
[12:00am] Grizzly : MTBC out
[12:00am] Grizzly : nhod 24.52
[12:00am] Grizzly : HRB nice run up from the 24.24 area
[12:00am] Optimus Prime : MSDI spikn
[12:00am] Grizzly : Larger orders been comin in MTBC
[12:00am] Grizzly : Peeps calling for short squeeze on MTBC take it for what you will they say way above 2$ mark today
[12:00am] Grizzly : MTBC chart lokin pushy now
[12:00am] Grizzly : Finally bid ask tighten up on WMGIZ still super thin tho
[12:00am] i_like_bb_stock : AMLH nHOD here we go 008s round the bend
[12:00am] Imagine : need your $$ in some of these calls we make,,,, no you means no us and vise versa
[12:00am] Grizzly : HTGM started like WMGIZ lookin right now
[12:00am] Imagine : correct
[12:00am] Grizzly : HRB still going pissah
[12:00am] Optimus Prime : same here ,,, I dont want failure .... I need you members to sell my chit too ... 0:)
[12:00am] Grizzly : WMGIZ spread wowza
[12:00am] Imagine : really don`t want you guys to fail,,,I need your money out there ;)
[12:00am] Grizzly : Grabbed fist full WMGIZ see what happens
[12:00am] Imagine : IMO go stockcharts read everything that`s free
[12:00am] Imagine : here ya go newbies,,,slow day learn something ,,,
[12:00am] i_like_bb_stock : CHZP breaking 006
[12:00am] Grizzly : WMGIZ just hit radar
[12:00am] smoots : :)
[12:00am] Grizzly : Volume picking up a little MTBC
[12:00am] Imagine : chances are when you look something up you will learn more than 1 thing
[12:00am] smoots : OK gotcha
[12:00am] Imagine : don`t settle for he said/she said half assed responses,,,tools are out there GO TO THE SOURCE stop being lazy
[12:00am] Grizzly : MTBC heating up afternoon rippa ??
[12:00am] Grizzly : Sniff sniff you smell that ??
[12:00am] Grizzly : HRB going like I expected just the little dip break down shook me out ....
[12:00am] Imagine :
[12:00am] Grizzly : IM not 100% sure about all the detaails
[12:00am] Grizzly : people buying and selling shares with no bid n ask resticted trading
[12:00am] smoots : other than being a chit stain
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